Luxurious Rooms & Suites in Hyderabad

Standard Room

The Standard Rooms at The Manohar, Hyderabad are one of the most preferred accommodations in Hyderabad. These rooms occupy 285 sq. ft. and offer a wide range of room amenities that ensure a comfortable and memorable stay in the city. These rooms can host 2 adults and 1 child. 

Club Room

Occupying 285 sq. ft., the Club Rooms at The Manohar, Hyderabad are ideally designed to host 2 adults and 1 child smoothly. These rooms feature several modern amenities that assure a comfortable stay.

Junior Suite

The palatial Junior Suites at The Manohar, Hyderabad are built with exquisite interiors. Featuring comfortable bedding and modern furniture, these rooms can easily accommodate 3 adults and 2 children while occupying 450sq. ft.

Glass Suite

Spread across 540 sq. ft., the Deluxe Suites are designed for comfort and luxury. These spacious accommodations can host 4 adults and 2 children while featuring a separate living room.

Heritage Luxury Suite 3

The Luxury Suites occupy 730 sq. ft. and is one of the most luxurious accommodations at The Manohar, Hyderabad. These suites can house 4 adults and 2 children. These suites feature an extended suite named Asian Suite which offers contemporary amenities that allows you to kick back and relax.